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22 Feb 2024

This is about


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Published date

22 Feb 2024

Our year in review — 2023

3d space rocket model beige and green tones minimal and monochrome background

Last year was busy at 14islands.

We collaborated with 15 clients, completed 20 projects, shipped 10 public experiences, won 16 major awards, and nominated Studio of the Year.

Our collaborations included work with Spotify, the United Nations, Klarna, and Qualcomm, to name a few.

Here are some of our public experiences of 2023.


We designed and built Neko's website, successfully filling all spots at their health clinics on launch day. Neko is a Swedish HeathTech startup co-founded by Daniel Ek of Spotify and other visionaries. The site won CSS Design Awards, FWA, and the Lovie Awards in Health.

Woman standing in the centre in front of a background with shades of light blue


We designed and built two websites for GOALS, for their game and studio. Both sites won Awwwards, CSS Design Awards, FWA, and game site also brought a Developer of the Year nomination at Awwwards.

An orange card from the GOALS Game website and the picture of a woman in the team smiling

Quantum Wallet

Designed by 14islands, Quantum Wallet is the first-ever hardware wallet powered by quantum computing. While the product doesn't exist in real life yet, this provocative website sparked online discussions and won Awwwards, CSS Design Awards, and FWA. It also brought us Developer of the Year and Website of the Year nominations.

A minimalist website interface featuring a clean layout with bold typography and shades of blue glowing highlighting a futuristic object

United Nations

We continued enhancing the "Is the world getting better?" experience with UNDP Sweden. The ice on the cake was winning the Swedish Design Awards Silver together with our UNDP friends.

Photo of people on stage celebrating award night.


We helped Ankra ship a brand new product with a design system created by 14islands. It was a highly productive collaboration to get the product in hands of users.

Desktop app interface with colorful dashboard


Our rewarding collaboration with Pluto continued last year, and we shipped a spatial Developer Portal and Pluto's Brand evolution. As usual, we designed and built Pluto Spatial-First (AR/VR) while adapting smoothly to 2D worlds on mobile and desktop screens.

3D environment showing a table with 3 decks of cards on top, all the cards are displayed in front of the table in a studio light feel. V4

We shipped a new site for 14islands this year. The site better showcases our services and culture, includes more case studies, and increases our focus on sharing our knowledge with Journal articles. The site won all awards under the Sky, including Awwwards, CSS Design Awards, and FWA.

Big typographic titles on top of three images, blurry, darken, orange, blue and yellow tones


Lynxeye is a Stockholm-based strategy firm working with world-leading brands. We created a new site to position Lynxeye among the big consulting firms in the world — precisely the impact it has had on their business.

Clean and minimalist desktop and mobile interface.


We created a generative AI assistant to answer questions about our creative services and called her Aila (AI + islands). She's self-evaluating, as our goal with Aila is to bring more transparency to AI conversations. Aila rates her knowledge behind each answer and links to relevant sources.

laptop screen with dark purple and black tones, a field to type text is displayed among with a big title and icon

Krepling (Coming soon)

We did a complete brand experience makeover for Krepling, a high-growth eCommerce startup in the no-code space.

Coming soon project, blurred image


Following our work with gaming companies such as King, Raw Fury, and GOALS, We got to work with Axolot Games on a brand-new website.

Black desktop interface showing big typography in uppercase and 3D objects at the bottom with colourful tones.


HeroKit is a new product born out of 14islands to supercharge your website. It lets you create and embed stunning visuals on any website in minutes. HeroKit works with popular no-code website builders such as Framer, WebFlow, Wix, and Squarespace. These builders are making web design available to more people, and we want to bring our most creative work to the game.

Mockup of a website with colourful gradient background

The Journal

We shared 12 articles on our on the topics of design, code, and creative culture. We’ve also started a newsletter, please sign up below.

Mosaic of images with pastel colors, photography, illustrations and 3D objects.

Brazil trip

Apart from all the hard work, we made a long awaited trip to Floripa, in Brazil. A beautiful place, and a fantastic opportunity to build the team spirit.

Photo of someone holding a brush above a green and yellow painting.

Here’s to 2023

We're proud of the team's work and thank all our ambitious partners for great collaborations this year!



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